[BT] Vorden30ton light mech attempting to punch my 100ton Atlas assault mech LOL
[BT] MrsVordenOne God down...don't know how many more to go...
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[BT] MrsVordenTrying out a new game: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Let me know if you been intrigued and want some input on the game. Haven't gotten very far yet but the challenge of not failing is real because if you do you start completely over.
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[BT] VordenGot wood?
[BT] VordenDriving home after a productive day logging.
[BT] VordenHavic (top distant) bringing the new logging toy.
[BT] VordenHavic and Vorden at it again!
[BT] MrsVordenHavic, Vorden and I at the great council meeting. About to cause some trouble.
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[BT] Vorden
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[BT] VordenElder Scrolls Online
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