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[BT] Havic   added 30 Ultimate days to [BT]BrothersTrust
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[BT] Vorden   Thanks Havic!
[BT] Flint WestwoodOk.. Here's a 3rd wire landing!
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[BT] Vorden   That was SO the 4th wire!
[BT] MrsVorden   dorks :p
[BT] Flint Westwood   I cannot count higher than 3!
[BT] Flint Westwood
Flint's Landing
Flint's attempt at landing. Caught the first wire which is ...
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[BT] Flint Westwood   Ok're up!
[BT] Vorden   1st wire is a big no no lol off to the Wing Commander's office with you!
[BT] VordenMe doing a carrier landing in the F/A-18C, only my 3rd try, it was a bad approach, need lots more practice! lol
DCS F/A-18C carrier landing in VR
Only my 3rd landing on the carrier and I was coming in way t...
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[BT] Vorden   Skip to 1:36 to skip all the menus, I tried to link it with the time stamp but it didn't take
[BT] Flint Westwood   Nice! Guess I will need to post mine.
[BT] Aeacus62   registered to [BT]BrothersTrust
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[BT] Vorden
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[BT] Vorden
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[BT] CLINK   added 180 Ultimate days to [BT]BrothersTrust
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[BT] Vorden   You rock clink!
[BT] VordenGuess who was driving?
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[BT] MrsVorden   Wasn't me this time!!
[BT] VordenHaving a smoking good time in Space Engineers lol
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[BT] VordenOh I wish I could afford this!
Take and Hold - The Omnideck the ultimate VR simulator.
For more info about the omnideck - This...
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[BT] VordenCan try free for the weekend!
Star Citizen Free Fly Event - Roberts Space Industries | Fol...
Roberts Space Industries is the official go-to website for all news about Star Citizen and Squadron 42. It also hosts the online store for game items and merch, as well as all the ...
[BT] VordenHavic and I clearing snow
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[BT] VordenVorden and Flint sparing in Life is Feudal
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[BT] VordenFollowing Havic into Santa Fe at daybreak
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